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January 3, 2013


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Gen. Ed. January Assignments

Thu Jan 3, 2013, 7:23 PM

The classroom door opened and students started to come in. The reaper was sitting at his desk, legs on top of it and half leaning on his chair, not giving them more than a somewhat bored and annoyed glance. At least he wasn't late this time.
Behind him, a massive pitch black lion with flowy mane fixed his glowing red and fierce eyes on the incoming students. He was far more interested in them than the teacher itself, and perhaps in what it looked like not such a harmless way.

After a considerate number of desks were taken by students and some of them were blankly staring at the ceiling or chatting among themselves, he finally decided it was time to start the class. With a low grunt he stood up from his place and walked towards the middle of the chalkboard.  
With new faces around an introduction was in order.  
"Welcome, I guess... To those new faces, my name is Fahrius and I'll be your General Education teacher." He spoke. "Any questions? Save them."  
And with that, the class started.

OTW 103 Introduction to Familiar. 
"I hate to get repetitive quarter after quarter, but unfortunately getting a familiar is essential for this class, and that is exactly what you are going to do for your first assignment."  

"What are familiars? And pay attention because I'm not repeating myself more than I already have to!" He glared, specially to those that resumed the chat among themselves. "Familiars are entities that come in many forms. They usually appear as animals but this doesn't mean they are pets. Far from it, they are here to assist you, both to aid you in battle and for spell casting."

"If you are lucky, they will appear itself to you and you will know what they are and why there are there for. Sometimes a close relative could give it to you. And the most common way to get them, the one you all will probably have to use: Go out and tame one yourself."  

[ Roxy - ]
[ Nikitus - Completed……… (5) ]
[ Deliri - ]
[ Alix - ]
[ Elliot - ]
[ Selorah - Completed (2) ]
[ Ardei - Completed (3) ]
[ Henri - ]
[ Alice - Completed (5) ]
[ Oynx - Completed… (5) ]
[ Cill - ]
[ Nikolai - ]
[ Tlilpotonqui - a href="…">Completed (4) ]
[ Sable - Completed (5) ]
[ Charna - Completed (5) ]
[ Ivory - Completed (3) ]

OTW 105 Introduction to Sigils
"A sigil is a symbol used in magic. People used to believe it was the signature of a demon. Now a days it refers to as a symbolic representation of the magician desired outcome. In simpler words, you would write down what you want to happen and it would. But it's not that simple.
The letters used to write down these are called Runes. These are letters from the Germanic Alphabet that was used before the one we have now was implemented and they were believed to contain magical powers."  

The reaper turns around to the chalkboard to quickly write an action using Runes. Settling the chalk down, he turns around to face his students once again.  

"I want you to write down that on a piece of paper and look for it's meaning. The moment you finally understand what it says, that's what will, hopefully, happen to the piece of paper you scribbled it on."

[ Ciar - ]
[ Cierdel - Completed (5)  ]
[ Akusha - ]
[ Caerul - ]
[ Cill - ]
[ Daniel - Completed (5) ]
[ Hylvlian - Completed (5) ]
[ Ulfrick - ]
[ Iurichia - ]
[ Matrix - ]
[ Avery - ]

OTW 201 Familiar Magic
"Familiar have a grater purpose than being of company and aid in battle. They are also here to assist you in spell casting. It could be on a simple task as to fetch materials or ingredient or even serve as guinea pigs to also enhance your magical skills."

"Your first assignment will be to seek for that connection. Find something involving magic that both of you can perform together for a grater achievement and do it"

[ Alan - Completed (5) ]
[ Jester - ]
[ Haru - ]
[ Spectra - ]
[ Shasta - ]
[ Elliot - ]

OTW 203 Ritual Circles
"Ritual circles are very popular in magic. Their purpose is to create a sacred place in order to perform a spell or a barrier between the spell caster and what they are casting.
Anything can be used to create them, from chalk, to ashes and blood. The outcome will, of course, differ depending on what you use.  
The placement of the runes and how sigils are formed will also determinate what you will end up getting. But as that is different for everybody, you will have to figure it out on your own."  

"Your first task will be fairly harmless. You will have to take a seed and make it grow into a full plant without the need of water or soil nutrients using ritual circles."

[ Elissa - Completed (5) ]
[ *Al S- ]
[ Sound - ]
[ Louise - Completed (4) ]

OTW 301 Spirit Familiars
"Spirit familiars are the spirits of animals or entities that have once lived, or also can be spirits in which the magician has come to contact through divination, astral travel or other extra sensory communications.
These spirits either lived as animals in their past incarnations or are "governors" of their own species spirits. They can teach the attributes of their species to those who seek them.
They are everywhere, specially where nature has taken over. But it takes a keen eye and some skill to actually reach out to them."  

"You first assignment will be to go out and see if you can make contact with any of them. Don't leave your familiar behind though, he can be of great help since these tend to be a bit wary of us."  

[ Egorii - Completed (3) ]


When you have completed your assignment, please comment it here on this journal with the name of your student.

When asking for an extention please include the name of the student as well.

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